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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"The Very Best of Blancmange" compilation album now available

Compiled with full input from the band and available on Amazon right now, ‘Blancmange The Very Best Of’ is a bulging treasure trove of synth-pop gold. Spread across 2 CDs and featuring 7 Top 40 hits alongside a host of extras, including some killer original 12” mixes and 2 John Peel sessions, not to mention an exclusive new song, this thrilling collection leaves you in no doubt where Blancmange belong – in the pantheon of synth-pop and dance music greats. A huge influence on LCD Soundsystem, Metronomy, Hot Chip and the synth-obsessed new breed, the creative partnership of Neil Arthur & Stephen Luscombe spawned some truly genius moments in pop. Whether it was their unique reworking of Abba’s ‘The Day Before You Came’, the timeless avant-funk of ‘Living On The Ceiling’, the classic ‘Waves’ or ‘Don’t Tell Me’, they delivered songs full of stylish invention.

Formed in 1980, Blancmange’s early gigs were a very experimental affair - they would amplify through washing machines and vacuum cleaners. But, it was a 1981 tour with Grace Jones that really opened their creative minds. What followed was a string of great pop singles, 2 albums, tours with Depeche Mode and Japan, and everyone from John Peel to Robert Fripp singing their praises.

In 1986 they broke up, only to return 25 years later with 2011’s highly acclaimed ‘blanc burn’. Since then they have triumphed at Bestival, completed several successful UK tours and are putting the finishing touches on a new studio album.

Buy the album now on Amazon for just £5.30

1. Living On The Ceiling  2. Don’t Tell Me 3. I Can’t Explain 4. Feel Me 5. Blind Vision  6. Waves  7. The Day Before You Came 8. I’ve Seen The Word  9. God’s Kitchen  10. That’s Love, That It Is  11. Wasted 12. Lose Your Love (Album Version) 13. What’s Your Problem 14. Kind 15. All Things Are Nice 16. Murder 17. Running Thin (Peel Session) 18. I Would (Peel Session) 19. Making Aeroplanes (Without Victoria) (New Track)

1. Blind Vision (12” Mix) 2. Don’t Tell Me (12” Mix) 3. Feel Me (12” John Luongo Mix) 4. Game Above My Head (Long Version) 5. That’s Love, That It Is (Remix Extended Version) 6. Vishnu (Short Version) 7. God’s Kitchen (12” Mix) 8. Sad Day (Original Version) 9. Waves (Original Version) 10. Why Don’t They Leave Things Alone? 11. Lorraine’s My Nurse 12. See The Train 13. Don’t You Love It All 14. Living On The Ceiling (Extended Version) 15. Hello Darling


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