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Monday, May 28, 2012

Famous Five Series 1 out now on DVD

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Enid Blyton's Famous Five series of books, the popular 1970s television adaptation is now out on DVD. The three disc set includes the entire first series comprising 13 episodes.

Meet the Famous Five: Julian (Marcus Harris), Dick (Gary Russell), Anne (Jennifer Thanisch), their cousin George (Michelle Gallagher) and her dog Timmy.

Ruined castles and rolling moors; mysterious islands and hidden caves: the five can find adventure wherever they are. Join them at Kirrin Cottage, or away on their holidays as they encounter smugglers, scoundrels and spies. Thankfully, Uncle Quentin and Aunt Fanny are always around to offer lashings of ginger beer.

Based on the best-selling Enid Blyton series of books, this classic 70’s TV series also features the talent of classic British actors, including; Patrick Troughton, Ronald Fraser, Brian Glover, David Rappaport and an early appearance from Rupert Graves.

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Enid Blyton’s Famous Five - Season 1 is out now on DVD from Koch Media.  The three-disc set has a running time of approximately 350 approximately minutes and is available from Amazon now for £21.37

Watch a clip from the series:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tribute to Donna Summer

She brought sultry 70s disco into our lives with hits including I Feel Love and Love To Love You Baby. But sadly Hot Stuff singer Donna Summer passed away this week aged 63, after battling cancer. We couldn't let the Queen of D.I.S.C.O's passing go without posting a little tribute...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mr. T goes from gold to green

Publisher Mohawk Media has launched its Mr. T series through its range of environmentally-friendly, paperless Eco Comics. Mr. T joins other famous names at Eco Comics including Dracula, Robin Hood, Dick Turpin, and Tough Guy.

The Hollywood hard man, renowned for his image of Mohawk haircut, gold chains and catchphrases, previously appeared in print in the publisher’s graphic novels. Editor Stuart Buckley says: "It was always our intention to release the Mr. T graphic novel as a comic book series. Each chapter was intentionally structured to be the same length as a comic book.

"However, we’ve had to adjust to market demands. The graphic novel has sold out. The digital titles of Eco Comics have no print run, and so will never sell out, meaning every T fan can order a copy. The added satisfaction is that the environment hasn’t suffered as a result of paper production.
"The clean cut art of JL Czerniawski makes this series a joy to behold in any format."

"This is great, and I am truly humbled," is how Mr. T describes becoming the star of a comic book in the foreword. And in the world exclusive interviews throughout the series, he goes further, including stating why he is an even tougher comic book hero than Wolverine. Series writer Chris Bunting adds: "I’ve gone to great lengths to do things never attempted, such as making T as close to a super hero as possible while retaining his classic persona. After over twenty-five years of fame, this action icon finally gets a rogues' gallery, and even a new catchphrase. Old and new T fans can expect plenty of other surprises too. "Plus the amazing formats offered by Eco Comics really help bring this classic character into the digital age."

The first five issues of Mr. T are available to order now in various digital formats via the Eco Comics store: The US dollar cover price is 0.99 for the first issue, and 1.95 for subsequent issues.