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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile 1926 - 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile was an iconic figure for almost half a century in the UK, a one-of-a-kind British celebrity that was as unique as he was recognizable. He will be missed by British people of every generation.

If you were a child of the 1970's or 1980's there's no doubt that you spent hours watching or listening to Jimmy.

He was a huge part of so many pivotal cultural TV and Radio programmes. He was the first presenter of Top of the Pops (and also presented the last one as well 42 years later!). He was one of the first DJ's on BBC Radio 1, and Radio Caroline. He even had his own comic impersonators in Harry Enfield's "Smashie and Nicey"

In the 1970s, he started presenting Jim'll fix it. Astonishingly it ran for 20 years, and made the dreams of over 1500 children come true! It was a constant presence on TV early evening on a Saturday during my childhood. The featured children would be brought forth at the end of each programme to receive his bling "Jim'll fix it" medallion. I always wanted one of those (Even more than a Blue Peter badge)

Sir Jimmy had an amazing life - he is credited with running the first ever disco's in the UK, he was a friend to Princess Diana and the other royals, he spent 5 years as a professional wrestler, smoked Havana cigars and wore more jewellery than BA Baracas.

He was also a tireless charity campaigner, giving away 90% of his income to charitable causes and earning a staggering £30 Million for charities in his lifetime. £30 million! ("how about that then guys and gals!") Extraordinary! He ran the London Marathon countless times too, and ran marathons well into his 70's.

So why not get him up on you tube, and have a nostalgic evening with good old Jimmy. He was classic, truly classic. Watch just a few snippets and you'll remember why...


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