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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Going back in time - to save money!

Nostalgia, isn't just about the toys, films, fashion, or celebrities of past decades, sometimes you can just look back and wish life was simpler and well, cheaper than it is today!

My Father's eyes mist over when he talks about being able to buy a pint of beer for 50 pence, or when he used to buy stamps for 4 pence each. Those days are surely gone for good? Well, perhaps not...

The cool people at have come up with a nice little idea to merge those nostalgic reverie's and a desire for a cheaper life into a smile-creating little advertising campaign!

They make the point that car sharing and being economical with your petrol can bring your petrol costs right down to 1980's prices! This is of course great, and also you’d produce fewer of those pesky excess greenhouse gasses that are creating global warming….

To highlight this point they've made a fun faux board game that literally takes you back in time through our recent history. You travel back through events like David Tennant becoming Dr Who, Britney Spears' first single, the first Harry Potter book, and first Toy Story film, way back into the 1980's when the Berlin Wall fell and there were Live Aid concerts.... And where do you find yourself? At petrol prices being 37 pence a litre (!).

Take a look as it seems a solid plan to help you travel back in time financially! (My Dad will be off to the pub with his 50p's shortly to give that a go too). Look it up here and you can find out about saving almost £1000 a year on your petrol prices, and also help save the environment into the bargain!


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