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Monday, October 31, 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile 1926 - 2011

Sir Jimmy Savile was an iconic figure for almost half a century in the UK, a one-of-a-kind British celebrity that was as unique as he was recognizable. He will be missed by British people of every generation.

If you were a child of the 1970's or 1980's there's no doubt that you spent hours watching or listening to Jimmy.

He was a huge part of so many pivotal cultural TV and Radio programmes. He was the first presenter of Top of the Pops (and also presented the last one as well 42 years later!). He was one of the first DJ's on BBC Radio 1, and Radio Caroline. He even had his own comic impersonators in Harry Enfield's "Smashie and Nicey"

In the 1970s, he started presenting Jim'll fix it. Astonishingly it ran for 20 years, and made the dreams of over 1500 children come true! It was a constant presence on TV early evening on a Saturday during my childhood. The featured children would be brought forth at the end of each programme to receive his bling "Jim'll fix it" medallion. I always wanted one of those (Even more than a Blue Peter badge)

Sir Jimmy had an amazing life - he is credited with running the first ever disco's in the UK, he was a friend to Princess Diana and the other royals, he spent 5 years as a professional wrestler, smoked Havana cigars and wore more jewellery than BA Baracas.

He was also a tireless charity campaigner, giving away 90% of his income to charitable causes and earning a staggering £30 Million for charities in his lifetime. £30 million! ("how about that then guys and gals!") Extraordinary! He ran the London Marathon countless times too, and ran marathons well into his 70's.

So why not get him up on you tube, and have a nostalgic evening with good old Jimmy. He was classic, truly classic. Watch just a few snippets and you'll remember why...

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Complete Stone Roses

Do you ever think back to some of the best gigs you've ever been to and think "Ah, I'll never have a night like that again"? Well, perhaps you will.

In the last few months and years there have been a constant stream of bands you NEVER thought would reform, reforming - or at the very least talking about getting together very soon!

The most recent news is that 1980's band, The Stone Roses, who quit acrimoniously in 1995 after cancelling their Glastonbury gig the same year are reforming for a special gig. The band have barely spoken in 15 years, but the original members of the band - Mani, Reni, Ian Brown and John Squire have decided to bury the hatchet and it looks like the news everyone was waiting for - tickets for their shows sold out in 14 minutes! Yes, 14 Minutes! And tickets for the gig are reportedly selling for over £1000! The tour is certainly on the cards, so keep your eyes peeled!

With prices like that being bandied around it’s no surprise that even Oasis' Noel Gallagher thinks he could start talking to his brother Liam again soon - though their timescale is a lot more sober - they say Oasis could get together to mark the milestone of their 20th anniversary in 2015. The band split in 2009 after the pair fell out backstage before a gig in Paris.

'In 2015, if we can put our differences aside, we can tour and play the album (Definitely Maybe) in its entirety for the 20th anniversary,' he told Rolling Stone.

In the past few years it has been the trend of trends. But who can tell what bands will come back - Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley had once said "Hell would freeze over before we play together again.", and, well it must be chilly in Hades, as they've just finished a reunion tour! Is this illegal? Perhaps someone should call The Police? Ah, they already have, and Sting and his fellow musicians have reformed and are touring too!

Of course over a year ago there was the announcement that Robbie Williams would be re-joining Take That and touring with them. And then this week, well the inevitable (post tour) news that Robbie is leaving Take That again, and that he will never play with them. Never, ever, ever, again. Hmmmm, well, lets wait and see, it's amazing what 15 years can do to change your mindset...

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Going back in time - to save money!

Nostalgia, isn't just about the toys, films, fashion, or celebrities of past decades, sometimes you can just look back and wish life was simpler and well, cheaper than it is today!

My Father's eyes mist over when he talks about being able to buy a pint of beer for 50 pence, or when he used to buy stamps for 4 pence each. Those days are surely gone for good? Well, perhaps not...

The cool people at have come up with a nice little idea to merge those nostalgic reverie's and a desire for a cheaper life into a smile-creating little advertising campaign!

They make the point that car sharing and being economical with your petrol can bring your petrol costs right down to 1980's prices! This is of course great, and also you’d produce fewer of those pesky excess greenhouse gasses that are creating global warming….

To highlight this point they've made a fun faux board game that literally takes you back in time through our recent history. You travel back through events like David Tennant becoming Dr Who, Britney Spears' first single, the first Harry Potter book, and first Toy Story film, way back into the 1980's when the Berlin Wall fell and there were Live Aid concerts.... And where do you find yourself? At petrol prices being 37 pence a litre (!).

Take a look as it seems a solid plan to help you travel back in time financially! (My Dad will be off to the pub with his 50p's shortly to give that a go too). Look it up here and you can find out about saving almost £1000 a year on your petrol prices, and also help save the environment into the bargain!