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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thundercats! Ho!

If you walk behind any 30 year old and say the three words “Thunder! Thunder! Thundercats…” there is a more than fair chance they will swing round and shout “Ho!!!!!’ – or well at least think it!

Thundercats were a massive part of an 1980's childhood – mine included. But they have been largely absent from our screen in recent years. I thought perhaps Mumm-ra the ever-living had finally caught up with them? Well, no they are alive and kicking and have been rebooted! Indeed, they started airing a brand new series on 11th September 2011 – Thundercats are BACK!

They are returning to the national consciousness faster than you think, with Thundercats action figures being released for this Christmas and even Peaches Geldof dressing up as Cheetara for the press launch of “Cartoon Network HD” - the channel that is promoting the new Thundercats series!

In fact demand for the new Thundercat figures has already outstripped supply.

There are a host of these new toys – so if you have children, be alert! Start looking now! The toy range consists of Thundercats figures, vehicles and role-play items from the brand new cartoon series, as well as Classic Collector Figures of Lion-O and Tygra from the original 80's TV show. The predicted top seller in the range looks set to be Lion-O's legendary weapon, the “Sword of Omens”.

I don’t know what the new series is like, I will seek it out soon, but they better not have messed with Snarf’s bad jokes at the end of each episode! They were classic indeed! Snarf!


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