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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Day of the Smurf

July 29th and the Day of The Smurf has come.

We at saw the Smurf Movie today and can say that is was certainly not a disappointment - all the waiting was definitely worth it!

Indeed, we are still quite dazzled by the 3D effects, so maybe that is what has won us over? I mean who wouldn't want to be able to reach out and touch a real-life Smurf? But it was everything we hoped it would be. And we have a funny new pair of spectacles to wear whenever we want as well.

The plot of the movie has the Smurfs arrive in present-day Manhattan, chased out of their village and though a water portal (yes, one of those!), by Gargamel. They then have to find their way back to Smurf village before Gargamel finds them! It's very strange to see the Smurfs outside their normal setting of Smurf Village, but refreshingly fun too - when I was a child I always wanted to see them leave of the enchanted forest that they lived in...

Sure the voices of all the characters are slightly different from the original, but that's expected. Hank Azaira as Gargamel is brilliant though - there are some very funny moments with him and his cat Azrael.

It was a shame not to see so much of Jokey Smurf as he was my favourite when I was younger - always with an exploding birthday gift (why did any Smurf EVER accept a gift from him in good faith?). And they also introduced a brand new Smurf called "Gutsy Smurf", which was interesting (I guess they needed the guts in New York).

All in all it's a great movie, it was so cute and perfect summer holiday fodder for your little-uns. Those little blue Smurfs remain hilarious and adorable. And for the Dads - well Smurfette is also still strangely attractive (thanks to Katy Perry for that).


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