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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Day of the Smurf

July 29th and the Day of The Smurf has come.

We at saw the Smurf Movie today and can say that is was certainly not a disappointment - all the waiting was definitely worth it!

Indeed, we are still quite dazzled by the 3D effects, so maybe that is what has won us over? I mean who wouldn't want to be able to reach out and touch a real-life Smurf? But it was everything we hoped it would be. And we have a funny new pair of spectacles to wear whenever we want as well.

The plot of the movie has the Smurfs arrive in present-day Manhattan, chased out of their village and though a water portal (yes, one of those!), by Gargamel. They then have to find their way back to Smurf village before Gargamel finds them! It's very strange to see the Smurfs outside their normal setting of Smurf Village, but refreshingly fun too - when I was a child I always wanted to see them leave of the enchanted forest that they lived in...

Sure the voices of all the characters are slightly different from the original, but that's expected. Hank Azaira as Gargamel is brilliant though - there are some very funny moments with him and his cat Azrael.

It was a shame not to see so much of Jokey Smurf as he was my favourite when I was younger - always with an exploding birthday gift (why did any Smurf EVER accept a gift from him in good faith?). And they also introduced a brand new Smurf called "Gutsy Smurf", which was interesting (I guess they needed the guts in New York).

All in all it's a great movie, it was so cute and perfect summer holiday fodder for your little-uns. Those little blue Smurfs remain hilarious and adorable. And for the Dads - well Smurfette is also still strangely attractive (thanks to Katy Perry for that).

Monday, July 11, 2011

Smurf-thing old, Smurf-thing new

So, in preparation for the all new 3D Smurf movie, it is surely the right time to re-aquaint yourself with the 2D Smurfs of old! The wizened Papa Smurf, to remembering how Smurf-ette came into being! The whole story!

If the forthcoming 3D movie release is anything, it's the best excuse in the world to douse and bathe yourself in all things 1980's Smurf.

If you look, you'll still find snippets of the Smurfs on youtube as well as a healthy market for old collectable models and Smurf figures and games.

Indeed, this might be the perfect time to get your little ones into the “traditional” Smurf world, that way you can get your hit of nostalgia as the new generation gets hooked on what hooked you all those years ago!

There is in fact the whole original Smurf world out there for you to own, both series, in their full glory as well as an original feature length movie "The Smurfs and the Magic Flute". Of couse if you’re not a fanatic, and you didn't fancy every episode (or the cost that goes with a boxed set) there is even something special coming to all 2D smurf fans in the next few weeks...

In sync with the movie release there is a re-release of four favourite episodes from the Original classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon series: The Smurfette, The Good the Bad and the Smurfy, Papa's Wedding, All's Smurfy That Ends Smurfy!

So look into them! And then close you eyes and hear the familiar song and get transported that little mushroom village with those little blue pixies in short trousers and white bonnets that are only as tall as three apples! (English Cox's I believe)

Sunday, July 03, 2011

July is the month of the Smurf!

This month on, to celebrate the movie release of everyone’s favourite 80’s cartoon, we are bringing you a series of Smurf related blogs!

I’m sure you all remember the Smurfs, there was a time when they were everywhere and, well, it looks like they’re about to be everywhere again. In fact this month, once the release of the final Harry Potter film has come and gone, it will be the Smurfs theme tune that you’re humming along to while tucking into your Walls Feast!

The Smurf Film comes out on 29th July, at the end of this month, and the hype will be growing every day no doubt. In fact, last week was the Birthday of Peyo (1928-1992), the Belgian creator of the Smurfs comics, and was announced as … “Global Smurfs Day”!!

For Global Smurfs day, London's O2 arena became the O-Blue Arena (get it..?), Taiwan's landmark Red House turned into the Blue House and New York City's South Street Seaport turns into Smurf Street Blueport (bit of a stretch that one).

Adjudicators from Guinness World Records confirmed that a total of 4,891 people turned up at all these locations and more all dressed as Smurfs to beat the previous record of 2,510. People showed up in Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Holland, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Russia, South Africa, USA and UK!

The Independent Newspaper is already calling 2011 the year of the “Smurf Renaissance”, with opinion pieces in magazines asking everything from “Who is the coolest smurf?” to, “how to work your look like Smurfette” and in one health magazine “How to get Smurfit”!

So keep your eyes peeled and next week we’ll be looking at some of the coolest Smurf related buys you can make in the run up to July the 29th