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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ford Capri's at the ready! The Professionals come to the Big Screen!

Back in the 1970's TV criminals and terrorists were mostly taken into custody by the coolest Capri-riding, flare-wearing, perm-sporting, crime-fighting team you can imagine - "The Professionals"

Well, the news is that they are going to be back, and this time they are going to be hitting criminals on the cinema screen rather than television screens.

It ran for 57 episodes in all on ITV and had a big cultural impact on the 1970's and early 80's. I still remember a teacher at school who had a Ford Capri, and a leather jacket. I think he thought he was as cool as Doyle, but he was comically mistaken (as were, I am sure many middle aged men in the 1980's).

The 'team' were together between 1977 and 1983 and were played by Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw who played "Bodie and Doyle", they were led by a "not very civil servant" Gordon Jackson. They fought crime in a very similar way to Starsky and Hutch, some might say they were merely an imitation - but Starsky never drove an Escort RS2000!

It was high octane police work, as they felt up the collars of hit men, racist groups, espionage rings and terrorists. Often working beyond the law. They weren't afraid of disobeying orders to get a job done.

Well, Lionsgate films are going to adapt "The Professionals" for the big screen. It's official. They haven't cast actors yet, but they are promising "an exhiliarating, emotionally charged action thriller that re-forges the seminal TV series for a new generation". It will chart how they met and will be produced by the same person who made recent James Bond movies Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace!

So keep an eye out on cinema screens for a souped up Capri, or some very large flares, because the 1970's are about to come back and hit the big screen!


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