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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Smurfmas and a Merry Smurf year!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us here at!

Let's hope that 2011 is as interesting and fun as 2010 was - indeed 2010 could hardly have had more of an eye for 1970's and 1980's nostalgia!

2010, instead of looking forward into a space odyssey, we looked backwards into our past and reinvented almost everything!

First off was the reinvention of some of those classic toys, Big Trak, Rubik's Cube, Mr Frosty, and the Sylvanian Families have come back en masse!

The list of films based on nostalgic series or films was extra ordinary this year, a real bumper crop - among the biggest was "The A-team", "Karate Kid", "Nightmare on Elm Street", more "Transformers", and "Yogi Bear" the movie!

Perhaps a quick pause as well, to think of the stars of stage and screen of our favourite childhood programmes and films we said goodbye to, among them Gary Coleman from the classic 80's sitcom "diff'rent strokes", John Forsythe (Blake Carrington from Dynasty), and the legendary Leslie Neilson from "Airplane" and "The Naked Gun" films as well as "Police Squad!"

Surely, 2011 can't fit in more than 2010? Well it looks like it might do!
With film versions of "Winnie the Pooh", "Footloose", a new "Planet of the Apes" prequel, and of course, yet another Transformers film, and brilliantly a film based on "The Smurfs"!

2011 looks Smurftastic! Get your white mittens and hats, and get ready for that theme song - it going to be EVERYWHERE next year!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Have you played pinball recently?

There are few people who haven't at some time played a pinball machine, and there are some of us that are almost obsessed with them! I certainly spent a lot of time trying and failing to play them as a child, and even more time being wow-ed by them because they were from America and "soooo coooool" (and of course singing along to hits like "pinball wizard"). I always wanted to hang out "at the arcade all day" - but in Bournemouth all I could manage was the Arndale Centre.

Last weekend, Do You Remember was invited to the UK premiere of a film all about pinball! And we found out thousands of things about this old art that we never knew existed.

The documentary follows the rise of pinball in the early 1900's when pinball machines were illegal (! - in fact they stayed illegal until the 1960's in the USA), it then charts their massive popularity in the 1960's, 70's and 80's to their eventual decline of recent years. Pinball fact: At their height they made more money a year than movies did!

The film follows some of the die-hard obsessives who live in the nostalgic realm of pinball past, reliving past victories, some collecting (literally) thousands of pinball machines! It shows us the people still competing for the title of world pinball champion, the collectors, the "pinball celebrities". It's very funny as there are some real strange eggs, but also it's actually quite an affecting documentary about all of these people who are rooted in the past. Their past is where pinball was a part of everyone's lives - and now bereft, they seem a little lost, confused in a world that's forgotten pinball.

It's a wonderful film and is released in the UK in January. Find out more about it here.

Also, in the future look out for the film festival "United film festival" - they have some wonderfully nostalgic features, there's also one all about the effect of JAWS on the world and a film all about karaoke!