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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Rubik's for the big screen!

News reaches Do You Remember this week that big Hollywood agency CAA (who manage 100's of stars such as George Clooney and Meryl Streep) have bought up the right to represent the Rubik's cube on the big screen!

It seems that recently, toy and games manufacturers such as Hasbro and Matel have been busy selling rights to Hollywood studios for some of their games. And last week, Hasbro tied into an exclusive six-year deal with Universal.

Apparently, film producers think a movie's going to be a hit if people are familiar with a film's subject matter before they see it (just think of all the recent big budget nostalgia remakes - The A-team, Transformers, Karate Kid, Tron) and board games are a huge untapped mine of nostalgia!

We've no idea what the Rubik's inspired film could be about. A few years ago there was a cartoon about a boy with a magic Rubiks cube, and then there's the film "the cube" and "Hellraiser" had a Rubiks-like cube in it. I wonder what these Hollywood types will come up with? By the time they're done with it, maybe we won't recognize it at all!

This could be the tip of a whole new iceberg of films! A few years ago the craze was films based on theme parks and their rides (Like Pirates of the Caribbean), next it could be games!

A film based on the Rubik's cube is just the start! What could be next? Connect four - the homely story of a family that can't stand anyone else breaking them up - or snakes and ladders, the story of the ups and downs of a window cleaner who breeds pythons?

Watch this space - if there's any news we'll be the first to let you know!