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Friday, April 23, 2010

Nostalgia in a shoe!

You probably wouldn’t have gotten though an 80’s or 90’s childhood without at least one pair of Puma or Gola Trainers. They were everywhere.

Of course, every child in the 80’s and 90’s wanted Nike or Reebok trainers, they were the cool trainers, the ones you begged your parents to buy you on bended knee. But what most kids got from parents (apart from the richer ones obviously), were trainers that Mum and Dad TOLD you were even cooler than Nike’s - Gola or Puma trainers – of course they didn’t quite cut it in the playground. But I still look back on those trainers fondly – they got me up trees, into ponds, scored some of my best goals and were worn until they fell apart when I accidentally melted them on the fireplace.

Of course these days the situation is reversed! The Puma and Gola trainers are worn by all the cool kids, and the Nikes / Reeboks are just well… pretty sad. As well all know, retro is in, and modern is well... so 2008, or 2000 and later.

Now - while you were wearing the Puma’s what kind of computer games might you have been playing?

Well, some kind of arcade game of course! Addicted for hours to the space age graphics of Donkey Kong or Sonic the Hedgehog.

Now Puma seem to have had the brainwave of amalgamating these two nostalgic staples from our childhoods into one rather funky looking shoe (and funky is the word)

These trainers - 917s – match their colourful graphic patterns to specific levels in some of the most played 80’s and 90’s video games. Sonic, Super Mario, Luigi or even Bowser get a look in. So you can be nostalgic on two fronts at once. Now all they need to do is to make them taste of sherbert fountains and we’ll be away!

These retro computer game inspired sneakers are scheduled to drop the first week in May on online clothing store ASOS. They cost between £45 and £50 depending on if you want a low or mid / high top.


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