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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can I get a rewind?

Yes, yes you can! Why's that? Because forget about your CDs, and instead experience that rush of winding tape once more, as the cassette finally makes its comeback.

Apparently, after a flood of interest and in a bid to cash in on the 'grey pound', Island Records is releasing a run of cassette tapes to rival that there new-fangled technology we're calling 'downloads' or 'CDs'. But hold your horses, as this limited-edition release only extends so far to 'Words For You', an album of poetry recitals over classical music, read by the likes of Joanna Lumley. The planned run of 4000 tapes has sold out already, so more are now being produced for sale on Amazon. And it looks like others could follow... maybe a mix tape in time for Valentine's Day, who knows...

Would you welcome the cassette back? And can you remember the first-ever cassette you owned? Who still owns a Walkman? We want to know!


  • At 2:48 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    i dont have a walkman but i do have a couple of tapes still. in fact my two children saw them the other day and looked astounded as they asked: what on earth are they????!

  • At 4:50 pm , Blogger gmotty said...

    I suppose they were great but one of the memorable things was having a tape chew up

  • At 9:25 pm , Blogger gmotty said...

    you can still get tapes at a local newsagent/market stall


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