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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainbow Unzipped!

It's true, lunchtimes have never been the same since George, Bungle, Zippy and Geoffrey left our TV screens back in 1992. But why have they stayed away so long? Did George send his Rainbow co-stars flying with one bat of those long eyelashes of his? Or did the squabbling just get too much for Geoffrey to take in the end? The answer may lie in the super-nostalgic new book release, Rainbow Unzipped!

The perfect Christmas gift, Rainbow Unzipped! contains the never-told-before true story by the stars of the show themselves, complete with some fantastic pictures of them. It would seem, after 17 years, Zippy, George and Bungle have finally put their differences aside to talk to journalist Tim Randall about their highs and lows from the beginning to not-quite-yet end of the rainbow... and as you might expect, Zippy does most of the talking!


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