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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It's A Gag A Minute!

Looking for a book to take on holiday with you? Why not check out 'The Laugh Makers: A Behind-The-Scenes Tribute To Bob Hope's Incredible Gag Writers', available to buy here. Whether you're lounging poolside in Croatia or sitting on a beach in Cornwall, writer Bob Mills has the power to instantly transport you to a bygone era of "variety, song-and-dance, brilliant patter and a seemingly endless parade of laughs."

Through 82 photos and countless anecdotes, Bob Mills tells of the goings-on behind the scenes on The Bob Hope Show, focusing on the show's talented gag writers. Celebrity gossip-mongers will be well satisfied, just as those after nothing more than a return to slapstick will be. Fans of the Bob Hope golden era should head to our page on Hee Haw for more information and the chance to leave your own memories of some of the great gag writers of all-time.

Let us know what you think - and have a happy holiday!


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