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Monday, April 27, 2009

Health and safety gone mad?

I've just heard that one of DYR's fave retro sweets is to undergo a dramatic makeover. There will be no more sucking on the soggy end of your Sherbet Fountain any more, because from next month, the manufacturer is changing the packaging to make it more 'hygienic'. The iconic design first filled sweetshops in 1925, and the original liquorice stick and folded card tube will now be replaced by a resealable plastic container. But surely getting covered in fizzy flakes and accidentally swallowing bits of soggy paper are part of the experience! 

All this brings back bad memories of when the Smarties tube lost its pop-off paper end forever. So is it just another case of health and safety gone too far? Or is it time we let go? Let us know what you think...


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