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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Those old Romantics!

The flamboyant shirts were nowhere to be seen and the eyeliner was lacking somewhat, but there was still no mistaking Spandau Ballet at their recent press conference aboard HMS Belfast in London.

The 80s New Romantics band was there to announce that, after two decades, they've finally put their differences aside and decided to re-form - and they looked pretty happy about it, too! 
Heartthrob Tony Hadley joined brothers Gary and Martin Kemp, Steve Norman and John Keeble to assure fans old and new that they'd overcome their previous problems (a dispute over songwriting royalties) enough to embark on a greatest hits tour later this year.

"Every family falls out of love at some point," said Gary Kemp. "But we started to remember how powerful Spandau ballet was... I think the band are playing better than we ever played before."

In their heyday, Spandau Ballet helped create a new movement in music, along with their rival Romantics Duran Duran. They sold 25 million records and had hits with True, Only When You Leave and To Cut A Long Story Short. We've seen a huge revival of 80s and 90s bands recently, including Blur, the Police and Take That, so it'll be great to see Spandau joining in. For tour dates and more details, visit the band's official website - and don't forget to leave your memories of the band's GOLD-en days below.


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