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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The wonder of Woolies

Over the past weeks, we've herded through its doors, arms outstretched ready for a bargain, but it just wasn't the same, was it? My local Woolworths store was stripped of any goodness long before today, when the final store closed its doors for good as the company became the latest victim of the economic downturn. 

Like the other self-confessed vultures who were there to see off a life-long friend, I admit to buying a mug or two, a calendar I didn't really care for and a couple of bargain bin CDs of bands, again, that I didn't really care for. But really, in my final few visits to dear Woolies, all I longed for was to see its shelves stacked with Sweetheart desserts, Betta Bilda and the Pick 'n' Mix spilling over with fried eggs... just like the old days! 

In the 80s, Woolworths' ad campaign declared, "Everybody needs a Woolworths store these days," and in those days we did. Every high street had one, and off we'd trot with Mum and Dad on a Saturday morning, our pocket money clenched in our tiny, sweaty palms. Much like the US's Honest Eds, or a Wilkinson's of sorts, Woolies was the kind of store that had everything - "a last-resort store" I heard one person put it. From haberdashery to TVs, bean bags to birthday cardS, Play-doh and even Zodiac crisps (remember those?), it had it all. Better still, its name alone has always been enough to bring teenage memories flooding back. Hands up who bought their first hit single from Woolies? Or got a slap on the wrist for trying to nick the Pick 'n' Mix?

We can't let the wonder of Woolies go forgotten now, can we? Which is why we want to hear all about your memories of it, so get posting here. Woolies wanderers, step forward... 


  • At 8:25 pm , Blogger Kirsty Eaglesham said...

    I've just heard that the last-ever cheque issued by Woolworths to one of its clients has (bizarrely) gone up for auction on ebay. The cheque to TMTI The Gadget Helpline for £100,000 has attracted bids so far of £720, but this is rising fast. Of course, in case you haven't realised, the cheque is indeed worthless now - but all proceeds from the eBay auction will go to The National Autistic society. So, if you want to get your hands on a piece of history and do your bit for charity, check out auction no. 220343522180 - you've got until 19th January.


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