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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Return to Sesame Street

Struggling to find that last stocking-filler for your little one? Treat him or her to some classic children's TV in the form of the recently released Seasame Street Old School DVD boxset. Not only are they guaranteed to fall under the spell of Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert and friends, but you'll get to relive some of your favourite memories, too.

The triple-disc DVD combines over 7hrs of old-school episodes, 45 bonus segments and celebrity cameos from the likes of Bill Crosby and Johnny Cash, no less! And true Seasame Street fans will go ga-ga over the original sales pitch film from 1969. You also get a 16-page booklet of cast trivia, insights into the show, plus games to keep the kids busy.

We got to road-test the DVD this week, which is why we can say the Street hasn't lost any of its appeal. The educational side of things is still sound, targeting 2-6-year-olds (as well as us big kids) and the sing-alongs will have everyone smiling through the festive holidays.

E is for enjoy!

You can buy your copy of Sesame Street Old School Volume 1 from (RRP £19.99).


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