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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A nostalgic prayer

One of DoYouRemember's visitors recently wrote to us with a prayer reflecting on how he remembers the world used to be in the 80s. I have published it below and regardless of your faith, I am sure many of you will be able to appreciate its sentiment:

I Remember when God & Jesus played a big part in our lives.
We just followed The Ten Commandments, quite simple really.
We loved & respected our parents.
We loved & respected our neighbours.
We said thank you to God for the food we ate.
We would not steal from other peoples homes, even though they had left their doors unlocked.
As a nation we trusted each other & looked out for each other.
If people were sick & unable to leave their home we went out and got their groceries & medicine and made sure they were comfortable.
If we met someone who was down on their luck, we invited them into our home and fed them.
We were not a materialistic race, we all shared the good fortune we had with others who had less, without judgement or question.
We worked with The Truth at all times, if someone done us a wrong they were punished & the punishment fitted the crime.
My concern now is the fact that in this day and age our brothers and sisters who live in different countries are starving and dying and I ask why, are we not a caring nation?, I think not.
There is no reason on Earth why a single person should be without shelter and food.
It is time to reach out to every person that is suffering in this World & help them.
Together we can make a differance.
In the name of our Heavenly Father, let us all make the changes needed to keep our planet together.
With every blessing in the name of Jesus.

I'd be interested to hear your feedback on this. Was the world really a better place in the 80s? Do people not care about each other any more? US and UK society has certainly changed a lot in the last 20 - 30 years but I still see a great deal of love, care and respect out there. What do you think?


  • At 1:00 am , Blogger Bridget Delaney said...

    There is a lot of love and caring. However, there's A LOT more danger and A LOT more nastiness out there these days. Even as a grown woman, I'm often afraid to be out alone after dark because of the crazy people, and I come from a mid size town! In the 80s, I did not have to worry about being out after dark and being too scared (though it was scary since I was young). However, if a person came up to me, the odds were they were there to help me get home or wherever I needed to go. Now, people are scary and rude. I sadly can't even trust them as many pull guns and do all kinds of harm to people.

  • At 6:36 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    It is almost not fair to compare. There are many reasons for homeless people.There is more help neded, but there are also many who want to live certain ways.We were able to take a stranger in and feed him. Now the population is so big, that that simple method does not work anymore. In many parts of the world the climate has changed so much, that drastic changes need to be made to give them back a way of life.
    Love thy neighbour: I as one person do all I can to help, a school in Haiti, homeless sleeping under a bridge in my city, etc.There are many reasons for the violence, on your own street or wars. There is a lot of love everywhere,some even die because of love, missionaries, firefighters, or even a person opening the door to a stranger. The Lord has given us many examples and admonishes about love,punishment and care.The 10 commandments were given to us as a guide.But sin is also within us. Different religions, different teachings.The Lord died for us, but because we love Him, we have to do our best .I wish I could have more freedom to do things without the caution and fear necessary. Pray for our childrens future.


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