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Monday, September 29, 2008

Are the Noughties really the 90s?

We're on the brink of a recession, more and more of us are reactivating our Take That fan club memberships, and even Doc Martens are in the shops again. While the first half of the Noughties had us believing the 80s were here to stay, the leg warmers have finally slipped, giving way to a 90s revival, stated an article in The London Paper today.

It's not just the fickle world of fashion, with MC Hammer's saggy 'You Can't Touch This' harem trousers (sorry, I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole, even if Marc Jacobs says they're cool). The 90s are popping up all over the place.

From a softer-round-the-edges New Kids On The Block, Spice Girls and, this week, Boyzone, the charts could have you thinking you've regressed 10 years. Even the Gallagher brothers are on the comeback trail, with a new album. Amy Winehouse is the new Courtney Love, Pete Doherty our Kurt Cobain; Gordon Brown a not-so-grey John Major and Kate Middleton a younger Princess Diana.

The 90s revival has even crossed the Atlantic, with whispers of a brand-new series of teen drama Beverly Hills 90210 for next year. As the proud owner of a pair of silver 90210 hi-top trainers when I was nine years old, the news makes one person happy at least... It's just a shame the economy's in the same state as it was all those years ago, or I'd shell out for another pair for old time's sake!

Dan Pinch of, which reports on the latest innovations and trends, had his own explanation behind it all:

"As the kids of the 80s are increasingly distracted making families and paying off mortgages I guess it makes sense that the kids of the 90s (now in their twenties) are in control of youth culture. Stand by for combat trousers, Ragga-Jungle and Speed Garage in hipster bars near you very soon!"

What would you bring back from the 90s? We'd love to know - good or bad! 


  • At 1:24 pm , Anonymous Anthony said...

    Can't wait for the new 90210. They better bring back Shannen Doherty, it was never the same once she left. And I wonder what Luke Perry looks like these days? My missus used to fancy him big style; hope he's looking rough!


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