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Sunday, August 26, 2007

BLOBS! a DYR exclusive!

Anyone who was a child in the early Seventies must remember these beauties.
Trebor's Blobs. A boiled candy with a chewy centre.
Must have been my favorite sweets at the time along with Spangles.
What made them so good was the zany flavours used...
Toffee Apple,Fizzy Cider,Fizzy Cola,Raspberry & Sherbet,Strawberry & Cream and by far the best..Apple,Banana & Pear!
I can even remember sending off wrappers for two inflatable dolls of Patch and the Blob Monster.
Surely a candidate for revival? See 1976 advert here


  • At 12:30 pm , Blogger Anne said...

    Toffee Apple Blobs were my favourite sweet as a child, I've never forgotten them, they were divine, they should be brought back to the shelves!!

  • At 1:42 am , Blogger venus said...

    I looked for hours on the internet to find any mention of Blobs - thank you for your blog!!!! Strawberry and Cream Blobs were my favourite, and the Toffee Apples Blobs too. I remember the Blob Monster! When they first came out I spent most of my pocket money on them at the tuck shop in school - they were soooo popular - why did they disappear? I think there should be a campaign to bring them back!!

  • At 5:40 pm , Anonymous Lisa said...

    Hey I can't beleive I have found other people who remember and loved Blobs!I have been telling my kids how lovely they were and so many flavours it was hard to choose!I can clearly remember going to Woolworths in the mid seventies and buying them for 5p I think.Raspberry and sherbert was my favourite-Please bring them back!

  • At 10:08 pm , Blogger Emma said...

    I so so loved blobs, both strawberry & cream & toffee apple... Oh my, wish they would bring them back!

  • At 7:04 am , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    We're making a feature length documentary about old brands including sweets and crisps from the 70s and 80s. Check out the website or

  • At 7:46 pm , Blogger Lee Knapp said...

    My favourite was toffee and apple, would never forget them even though a few grains of sand have passed through the time of my life, lets bring them back!!!!!

  • At 7:51 pm , Blogger Brian Artillery said...

    I used to eat blobs like they were going out of fashion! My favourite flavour was Toffee Apple. Now here's an odd thing - Jack Daniel's 'Honey' smells, and tastes EXACTLY the same. This makes me very happy indeed.

  • At 8:20 am , Blogger asif zaidi said...

    Loved Trebor Blobs. They were quite a revolutionary sweet at the time- lots of zany flavours.

  • At 7:13 pm , Blogger Cheryl Emms said...

    Please bring them back!
    Who else bad a blob disc Frisbee?


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