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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Classic 80s / 90s TV adverts

It's amazing what you can find buried away on YouTube... we just came across this superb collection of dozens of old TV adverts from 1990 featuring classics such as the Secret Chocolate Bar (lady on the train), AA Autoquote car insurance, Bold 3 Liquid with the late Michael Elphick, Colgate Plax, Tunes, BSB (British Satellite Broadcasting, the famous competitor to Sky), and Kellog's Rice Krispies Chocolate Treats.

Watch now:

If you find any other classic 70s, 80s or 90s TV adverts, let us know and we'll publish them in one of our next posts.

And if you want to share your memories of some classic TV adverts, head on over to our TV adverts section of the website and let us know what you remember!


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