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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

One of the benefits of having children is that you can unashamedly play with kids' toys once again. My daughter's have a fine collection of vintage Weebles (the old Airfix ones with the scary hollow faces) which has given me a perfect opportunity to start playing again. They've got all the extras too, like the Weebles bakery which has a little metal bell over the door that jangles when a customer wobbles in, a Weebles playground with slide, roundabout and swings and even a Weeble police van (for taking away bad Weebles).

At the moment, the favourite game involves sending all the Weebles hurtling down the slide into a pile at the bottom, where they instantly spring back up on their 'feet', and then we arrest one of the bad Weebles for being a bit rough on the slide (tough but fair I think).

Did you used to have Weebles or do you still play with them now? Tell us all about it on our Weebles Wobble page.


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